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The Rail


Babel is an oasis of tranquility and aromatic delight. A modern interpretation of ancient shisha traditions, Babel offers a unique blend of time-honored practices paired with contemporary nuances. Our lounge is a place where cultures converge, stories intertwine, and the art of shisha is celebrated. Expertly crafted blends, combined with our dedication to perfection, ensure that every puff is an experience in itself. The ambiance at Babel, infused with dim lights, plush seating, and gentle melodies, beckons patrons to relax, converse, and savor the moment. Join us for an ethereal journey through clouds of history and luxury.

  • Service

    Marketing | Multimedia | Business Development

  • Industry

    Food & Beverage

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Scented Cloud Tales

Since our collaboration's genesis, Babel has been a sanctuary for lovers of the art of shisha. Drifting in an ambiance of relaxed opulence, we've together weaved an environment where tradition meets modernity.

Our multimedia works encapsulate the mesmerizing dance of rising smoke, while our marketing initiatives have beckoned enthusiasts to immerse in Babel's aromatic wonders. Assisting in business development, we've propelled Babel to be a lounge synonymous with excellence. With every gentle draw at Babel, one is transported to tales of ancient gatherings and the timeless allure of shisha.